A glimpse into the research world today and you would think it’s all about the technology—the hardware, the software, the proprietary platform. All those bits and bytes, features and demos, sliding scales and card sorts jockeying for your attention. If you just use the right platform you are sure to get the deep insights you so desperately need. So many research companies are wedded to their technology. They seem to think that you understanding their platform is more important than whether we understand your individual needs and your customers.

At TripleScoop, we understand that the most important thing we bring to your insights party isn't the technology. We'll use whatever platform best suits your needs. And it's only partly our unique ability to more deeply engage consumers to reveal their true motivations.

The real third scoop is our ability and desire to take that consumer input and the resulting consumer insights and construct durable, insightful models of your customers' decision making processes. That way you solve the immediate issues at hand while at the same time building long-lasting, true intelligence into your organization that can help wisely guide decisions many times over as you work through product development and positioning.

That’s precisely why our clients keep coming back to us.


  • When a chemical company wanted to know whether a fertilizer additive would appeal to corn farmers, we also unearthed the unique relationship farmers have with their dealers and how that impacts ROI calculations and purchase decisions leading to a reframing of the product development process.
  • When a marketing agency wanted to know how well an experiential sampling program converted new customers for their client, we also mapped out the major inflection points in the consumer’s brand decision journey that led to new perspectives and insight into timing and strategy for sampling and promotional efforts.
  • When an active footwear company wanted to know how well new product packaging designs would perform, we also provided a guide to the consumer’s decision-making hierarchy and process that provided an informed platform for jumping off creative design efforts.
  • When a broadband company wanted to figure out how to acquire new customers, we also developed relevant segments that led to a deeper understanding of the diversity of their prospect base that led to targeted development of customer acquisition programs.
  • When a major credit card company wanted to better target their prepaid card customer, we also shattered myths surrounding the “underbanked” consumer leading to more reality-based decision-making around marketing messaging and product enhancement strategies.

These companies could have gone with the big, proprietary platform research companies and sometimes they do. But when they need deeper understanding, lasting insights, models of consumer thought that make them smarter about the business building their competitive advantage, they look to the team at TripleScoop because they know they will get the true, committed people without sacrificing anything else.

Conventional wisdom says “fast, cheap, or good--pick two."  Around here, that's just an old saying.

Pick three. To hell with conventional wisdom. Pick TripleScoop.

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