FAQs For Research Participants

Have you been invited to take a survey or take part in an online focus group with Triplescoop?  

- Thank you for your willingness to take part.  We appreciate your participation and hope you have a good experience.  

Are you already taking part in a survey or focus group and have questions?

-  The best thing to do is to contact the moderator if you are in a focus group.  If you are taking a survey, you may email the support contact on the survey or use this form for your questions.

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Why don’t you pay me a specific amount for completing a survey or focus group?

-  Over the past few years, getting paid for taking surveys has become more and more commonplace.  We have found that the best, most honest respondents complete surveys because they are interested in the topic, not to earn $1.  If you have to ask, you are probably more of a professional survey taker and our surveys just aren't for you.  Sorry.  But that’s reality.  Get over it.

Do you want to take part in other research from TripleScoop?

-  Sorry, we don’t maintain a database of research respondents. In fact, we rather shy away from people who take part in research just to make money. To be blunt, you are ruining research with your lies and gaming the system.  So stop it.