Analysis and Reporting are like Ice Cream


Like Ice Cream

Ice cream is a lot of work. But the guy who scoops it for you never really tells you that. With your scoop, you don’t get a manual on how to milk a cow to get the cream to churn up then freeze to put out in the store with ads and flavor names and all that. You get a simple cone with what you wanted in it and a smile. Why would reporting on research be any different?

Though we would enthusiastically tell you how it’s done, the report should focus on the final, tasty details rather than on the whole process. You should feel free to pick your flavor, no data dump attached.





Featured Article

Researchers could talk all day about how to complete an analysis. Getting that perfect balance, finding the story, and knowing how to present it is something that needs to be learned through experience. Like the perfect recipe, there are techniques that can be taught. So for all of our fellow market researching freinds, a member of our very own team has written this article on some of his favorite techniques in getting it all done. See the original here: 8 Tips for Delivering Impactful Marketing Research Deliverables

Our Flavors

Just as there are many ways to do quality research, there are many outcomes. We usually start with a hypothesis -- something you want it to taste like, or a hunch of what the results could be -- and go from there. The point isn't to twist things to make them how we wanted them in the first place, but rather to make sure our hunches are on the right track. If they're not, that's not the end of things. We can consult and suggest the best way to go about those big and small decisions.Because getting the flavor just right is important.

To make sure we get it right, ask for a proposal on your next project. We will get you a sample of what to expect.

Analysis and Reporting are like Ice Cream

Cone or Cup?

There's nothing wrong with wanting more when it comes to getting your report. There's also nothing wrong with wanting the most simple. We love to mix and match with the best ways of getting this data to you: a PowerPoint, a Word document, a Prezi, a personal visit. The only thing we won't do is write a book on it and try to sell it to you: it's your research, and we want to get it in your hands the way you think is best.

Wanna see how it's done?

We will gladly keep you in the loop on the methods we use throughout any project we do with you, but we also realize that's not the reason you are doing research. However, our process is not a secret. When we run qualitative studies, you and your team will have all the information in real time, along with access to watch the discussion as it happens. It's like being behind the glass virtually. We'll even send you some M&Ms.

With our qualitative studies, we stay in sync with you on what questions we will ask when. 

But as always, the focus will be on the results rather than the process.