Press Announcement – April 1, 2014

TripleScoop Announces New Research Method


April 1, 2014


Castle Rock, CO - TripleScoop Premium Market Research Mix announced today a revolutionary new market research method--moving far beyond geofencing, geolocation and even the use of Twitter for market research--drones for market research.  While nicknamed and commonly referred to as “Eye-in-the-Sky,” patent and copyright papers reveal the actual name as Far-reaching Ocular Optimization Loop (FOOL).


Ted Kendall, Left-handed Thinker & Doer at TripleScoop, spoke at the announcement this morning in front of thousands of interested market researchers, “We're excited to share ‘Eye-in-the-Sky’ — something we have been working on for quite some time now, well, at least 5 days. But they were a grueling 5 days. We survived on massive quantities of Mountain Dew, energy bars and chocolate donuts.”  

Hugh Davis, Managing Partner of Critical Mix, added,  “We are happy to provide TripleScoop Premium Market Research sample for this innovative new product. While respondents were hesitant to participate at first they have really come to embrace the idea.  The message from respondents was clear, respondents preferred to be tracked by drones vs. answering long lists of attribute questions.”

 While Amazon and other commercial drone users will have to wait years to use drones, the legal team at TripleScoop found a loophole in the FAA rules and regulations that allows the use of drones to “perform commercial or personal reconnaissance and monitor the behavior of consumers for commercial reasons.”  

FOOL uses a drone specially designed for market research that can hover above a consumer as she shops, walks to and from the car and even in the consumer’s own home. A directional microphone and high definition camera allow the market research controlling the drone to pick out details in the shopping experience, even zeroing in her shopping list or the ingredients list on an item picked up from the shelf. A small but powerful speaker in the drone’s nosecone provides a means for probing the consumer with questions to clarify behavior.   

The drone has added features such as:

  • The ability to intercept recruit and administer a recruit screener while hovering over a potential participant

  • Administration of a confidentiality agreement through simple head nodding and hand gestures

  • Video recording of consumer behavior and the ability to add a soundtrack from the 80’s to make the behavior appear more interesting than it actually is

  • Literal drop-down questions

The team is currently working on FOOL 2.0 which will incorporate links with Google Glass users to enable what is now called “Second Sight”--the ability to not only track a consumer but see exactly what she sees.

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Press Announcement – April 1, 2014

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