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“Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead.” – David Glasgow Farragut.

Conventional wisdom says that you can’t have quick and quality when it comes to market research. Like Moneyball successfully challenged baseball’s conventional wisdom, TripleScoop is challenging research’s around quality and speed. We have figured out how to deliver quality research quickly. And done it.

Recently, we have broken landspeed records in qualitative research. In December, we went from project inception to delivery of a high quality report and briefing for a bulletin board discussion in just 3 business days. Ok, granted we had a weekend in there to recruit and that helped.  But still, that’s 5 elapsed days to conduct a bulletin board discussion from start to finish. We repeated this same thing, stretching it out to 6 elapsed days, just a couple weeks ago.  

How do we do it, you might ask?  Are we amped up on caffeinated beverages with eyes popping out of our heads at midnight? Nope. We work regular hours. But we work together. We have figured out how to combine the right tools, relationships and processes to make things happen quickly and with high quality. Using the right collaborative tools helps streamline the review process, for example. That we sit in an open office streamlines communication.

The bulletin board discussion did not lack in quality, nor did the report. The secret?  Focus and teamwork. The client praised the quality of the results.

There is another way we can deliver results faster than a speeding bullet--by using communities. Most people think of communities as these warm and fuzzy customer relationships meet market research villages. Key benefits of communities is timeliness and timing. Recruiting and qualifying respondents or participants is already taken care of. So the only areas that require quality focus are design, fielding and reporting. With teamwork, quick quality turnaround is a thing of beauty.


Quick Turn-around

“This was great, especially given the 2 day turnaround.  The report was awesome and it looked awesome, so well, well done.

VERY thankful for Triple Scoop!”

Mila L (American Express)

“Thank you for pulling this together so quickly!!!” 

From the Archives...

A Blog entry by Ted

Just a week ago we completed a qualitative project in just 3 business days.  That’s 3 days from “A senior executive has a meeting next Wednesday and he needs consumer feedback to take in with him,” to a quality PowerPoint report used by that very same senior executive.  

Ok, granted we had a weekend in there to recruit and that helped.  But still, that’s 5 elapsed days to conduct a bulletin board discussion from conception to final report.  That’s pretty dang fast.  And we didn’t skimp on quality.  

We have also run surveys with even faster turnaround, and again, without compromising on quality.

We can do this because we have combined the right tools and platforms with the right relationships and efficient internal processes to make it all happen faster than a speeding bullet.

  • We can recruit one or two bulletin boards in 24-48 hours because we have an awesome recruiter who knows how to turn things around fast

  • The same goes for getting quick response to a survey--we have a couple different panels that know what we need when it comes to quick turnaround

  • A big part of the speed equation is our ability to turn around a screener, discussion guide or survey very quickly.  Some of that comes from superhero-like abilities to focus.  Some comes from our internally developed processes and our open space arrangement.  For all the technology help we have, a simple whiteboard session keeps things moving.

  • We use those same collaboration tools and techniques when it comes time to analyze the data and develop a quality report.  As part of the streamlining of the process, we have been able to almost completely do away with the time it takes to proof and review reports--because we are able to do so in progress.

  • Our staff have all developed a great ability to tell a story.  When we work together, it really is amazing what we can create with just 20 minutes and a whiteboard.

  • It all comes down to focus--really focusing on the key issues, the right target audience and the key goals and making sure the end results make your internal clients happy.

I’m not telling you this to brag.  (Well, maybe a little, but that’s not the point.) I’m telling you this because you might be in a position where you have a need to get some research done before the end of the year, but you don’t want to compromise on quality and you don’t see how doing the research in the next couple weeks is doable.  Maybe it is.  Maybe we can help.  Give us a quick shout if you need something done quickly and done well.

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