Saving the World from Bad Market Research


For TripleScoop, market research is more than a job: it’s a mission to better everyone’s experience.

Saving the World from Bad Market Research

We believe it is important to treat our respondents better than the average survey does. Our experience tells us that is not the norm for market research. That's one reason response rates continue to decline. This video illustrates just how bad some surveys have gotten.  It is based on a real experience.  It was edited for length--to keep you from going insane.


Driven by technology, the personal touch, creative thinking & keeping our feet firmly on the ground.

We believe that the key to quality research today is engaging the respondent.  There are a number of ways to do that.  We find ways to engage by being creative, putting research on a personal level, using common sense and leveraging technology.    What does that mean really?  It means treating respondents like real people and making the research interesting.  It's really that simple.

Using our unique background in both qualitative and quantitative research, we've lead some pretty innovative studies to create better engagement for participants. Here are a few examples (just so we can show off our skills), including some hybrid studies as well as our more genius ideas.

Qualitative Studies

Ziploc: Immersive Qual

We used an online platform (Dub's IdeaStream) to see inside the consumer's home and their detailed usage of a new product. Participants filled out usage journals, complete with digital pictures and community discussions on how the new product was working out. We also posed weekly dynamic questions to spur further conversation.  The small group of consumers were so engaged that they provided us with over 300 illustrated journal entries over the 4 weeks of the study.

BEEF USA: Facebook Advisory Group

Instead of forcing Millennials to come to us in a message board or focus group facility, we went to them and used Facebook as the qualitative platform for an online qual discussion that started in November and ended the week of Christmas.  Topics for discussion appeared on participants' own Facebook walls--more inviting and effective than reminder emails.  The moderator was a Millennial, helping create that additional connection and rapport needed for quality conversations.  The moderator also validated participants' responses by mentioning what the client had done with their feedback already.  One of the best things about this approach was that each week the client was able to digest the learnings and adjust the discussion to better fit their information needs.

(See the article for more details!)


Hybrid Studies

Playtex: Compass

Faced with high cost per test for advertising concepts and high costs as well as poor timing for animatics, we decided on change. Using a survey platform we were able to test multiple concepts and add a qualitative element--that both added insights to the metrics and helped engage the respondents more fully.


Some of our more genius ideas


  • Used iPads in focus groups to facilitate backroom and moderator communications
  • In 1997, Ted did the first message board as research discussion. Since then, we have streamlined how we do bulletin board discussions
  • Developed small qualitative panels (or communities) to help keep a finger on the customer’s pulse
  • Conducted email-based in-depth interviews with professionals
  • Used bulletin board technology to house crowdsourcing efforts for new product development
  • Developed Early Edition, a qual/quant method for diagnosing why a new product may not be performing as well as anticipated


  • Conducted and developed quantitative research communities that achieve high response rates, panelist engagement and brand loyalty as well as cost effective, dynamic research results
  • Developed SimMarket, an aggregate choice model for assessing a variety of product or company strategies
  • Developed ProductQR and LocalQR, methods for tracking product buyer and retail customer experience and for leveraging the customer experience into relationship marketing


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