What We Do

What Are TripleScoop's Flavor Options?

Sorry: TripleScoop does not make or sell ice cream. Yes, sometimes we wish we did. Because if we did, it would be amazing (for us at least).  

TripleScoop delivers market research. In fact, our mission is to save the world from bad market research. Pretty lofty goal, we admit. But we are doing our part to make the world a better place through better market research.

What happens when you are on the other end of the phone? TripleScoop knows it can be not so fun. Let's make it fun again.

Ted, the founder of TripleScoop, spent many years on the client-side and saw far too many awful market research studies. Most of the stuff was horrible because it abused respondents, what we are learning is a non-renewable resource. This phone call is a perfect example of some of the stuff that went on back in the day--and still does today.  This video is based on a real call overheard by our founder. Actually some of the best parts were left out to save time.

House Favorite: Communities

We do communities best. We are great at combining qualitative and quantitative in the best ways. We are so good at it, in fact, that we made a white paper for you to learn more about how we do it. Click below to learn more, then talk to us about getting your own community started.


Would you like a Cup or Cone?

Of course, though communities are a fantastic option, we can do either a qualitative study or a quantitive one, based on what you need.