Who We Are

We are a marketing research team that knows how to translate your ideas into success. We boast a thought-leader and industry pioneer as our founder as well as an energetic, innovative team of Millennials, ready to dig into the data to tell your story.

 Why "TripleScoop"?

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that whatever our professional calling in life, it can be fun. You are totally allowed to enjoy a report full of data, and so we hope our name reflects that feeling. One of our most frequent questions is the origin of our name. You can thank Ted for his quirky sense of humor and his love of frozen desserts. With the initial thought there is nothing like a good scoop of information, our founders built on that idea and that philosophy. After all, triple scoops are for sharing, as are all the great insights we offer our wonderful clients.





Ted's Scoop

The caveats of market research reports

We’ve all read (and probably written) one of those “caveat” pages within a market research report.  You know what I am talking about – the ones that list the limitations to the research.  I get why they exist and most of them make sense to me.  One of the caveats, quite frankly, really irks me(…)

What We've Been Up To

Our Joint Venture with KPI

Since airports are becoming more interested in consumer marketing, they’re seeking for experts to help them connect with passengers to better understand them. Seeing as we are experts in discovering the story behind customer decisions, their purchasing behavior, and their satisfaction, we knew that we could help airports be more successful on the consumer-facing front.(…)