Why Choose Us?

Why choose us, a small market research firm over one of the community or quant behemoths?

Innovation.  Speed.  Deeper understanding.  Decreased complexity.  Lower cost.  

Those are big promises from a small company.  But we really deliver.  

How, you might ask?  


These things help us deliver:

  • Teamwork: We have an open office plan--we call our office the “dugout.”  It makes it real easy to collaborate on just about anything.  We also use a variety of tools to help us streamline our communications and collaboration.  We can do things faster with greater quality that way.
  • Diversity of interests: Ted may be a nerd at heart, but he is a liberal arts nerd--reading a couple books a week, baseball afficianado, photographer, distance runner and on a holy quest to find the world’s best cheeseburger. Rebecca finds a new hobby every other week, honing her crafting skills in any area that seems the most exciting and continuously curating her collection of fine thimbles. Jaimee graduated as an English major, speaks fluent Spanish, bakes amazing cupcakes and creates some awesome artwork--and reads like the library will be closed any day now. All these interests help us look at your research issues with different perspectives and develop innovative approaches that work.
  • Small size: You know who you are working with and who is doing the work for you. And you aren’t paying for some senior level executive and his corner office space so that he can show up for sales meetings and sign off on the occasional survey draft.  And we don’t spend hours in meetings to update the status of your project--we spend our time actually updating your project.
  • Communities: Communities naturally provide all sorts of advantages in speed, lower costs, deep understanding and decreased complexity of methods and issues.  It’s just the way they work.  And we are good at communities.