Collecting Research Treats in Communities

Research is like trick or treating: we dress up our surveys, knock on respondent doors and beg for insights, hoping for that a King Sized Snickers bar and all too often getting that sickly orange taffy stuff--or worse, a toothbrush. Online surveys used to give us awesome insights, a bag full of open-ended treats to dump out on the floor to start feasting. Then the novelty wore off and became a hit-or-miss, a mixed bag that you can’t be entirely satisfied by. This is one reason for the rise of research communities: a good community engages participants, which leads to tastier tidbits. The tidbits then lead to higher quality insights and better decisions. I guess we’ve taken trick or treating to a whole new level.

Please enjoy some of our favorite costume pictures from over the years. (Insert metaphor between costumes and finding the right project for your needs.)