Top 3 Reasons to Get "Cheap" Research

When it comes to your job, we know that getting things just right is a top priority, Thus it follows that research to support your efforts will also go with the "spare no expense" model--or at least"high quality within budget'-- to get things done with top notch quality. We also know that you don't always have to load up on the research to walk away happy. Here are three situations where going the cheaper route may get you more satisfying results:

You already know what you’re doing with your results

  • You’re in the middle of creating a presentation to blow everyone’s minds. You get to the slide where you want to make a huge statement with a mind blowing fact...except you don’t have a solid source for this fact. A Cheap & Cheerful focus group will give you an impactful quote from a consumer to validate your ideas and help your pitch move forward

You don’t have a million questions to ask

  • That ONE question that’s been burning a hole in your mind? Don’t wait to ask it. That’s what Cheap & Cheerfuls were built for: asking a few questions really really well. Focus and brevity are the greatest strengths of a C&C strategy

Your budget is so tiny!

  • Ants can carry up to 10,000 times their weight, right? They are so small but they do so much. That’s the long-game goal of a C&C: give you a lot of bang for a little buck. Our pricing for a C&C is low and can stay that way if the research stays focused and brief. We use quick templates for your reports, stick to a set number of questions, and keep our incidence on participants high so that we can keep the cost as low as we can. But limits don’t limit the value of the insights; if anything, sometimes they focus it.

We know that this is all kind of the opposite of what we do here: handcrafting research to each of our clients--but we know that sometimes you don’t need something so intricate and personalized: sometimes you just need to know a couple things. You don’t have to build yourself up for a huge research project every time you need to know something: let’s see if Cheap & Cheerful will work for you.