We Completely Agree: Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter.

That is exactly what we believe at TripleScoop. Period.

We don’t have a carefully worded statement to make. We haven’t put a lot of thought into what we want to say about it. We just agree that Black Lives Matter.

We agree because Olivia. She worked here for a couple years. She doesn’t deserve to have racism or implicit bias limit her life and career options. (By the way, she is now fearlessly working on the pandemic frontlines in healthcare. Go Olivia!)

I agree because my Granddaughter Adeia deserves to grow up in a world without fear.

We agree because it hurts when clients hurt.

I agree because friends should not have to go through awful things.

We agree because it is the right thing to do.

I agree because it is personal.

I felt I needed to write this and communicate this, because we all know, from history, that silence is not the way forward. My introverted nature is to be quiet about things. I will rage on the inside but say nothing. Sometimes it is about little things, like how I feel about the purchase intent five-point scale. Other times, like now, it is about monumental things that affect us all--like the Black Lives Matter movement.

While, on the surface, this doesn’t seem to be about business or improving your marketing or product development efforts, as I have been thinking about it, it really permeates all aspects of business and customer relationships.It is a lesson on the effectiveness of listening for understanding. And especially listening to those whose voice has too long been silenced.